Mongrel MC was founded on the first days of January in 1993, around when premises were rented from Kaarnatie in Alppila, Oulu, and the name "Mongrel" was taken to use. The membersībikes consist mostly of Harley Davidsons, but a few European bikes can be found in the club also. In addition to building and riding the bikes, the club concentrates on organizing various events and festivities and on participating in those organized by others.

Mongrel MC organizes various events around the year: Mongrel Run -Rally and as the year reaches itīs end, a ham-filled pre-Christmas party, to name a few. Trophies from motorcycle exhibitions have been won at a steady pace.

In the year 2000 the lease on the old club house ended and finding new premises became necessary. While looking for them, it was decided it was best to buy premises from Konekuja in the Rusko area. The number of members in Mongrel MC is nicely between ten and twenty. Attaining membership is difficult - but not impossible...